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January 09 2018

So Out Of Touch


January 08 2018

Some People Never Change

ha ha ha self employment jokes

January 05 2018

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

January 04 2018

They Have A Group DM Now

January 03 2018

The Short Goodbye

January 01 2018

Calabi-Yau Employment Matrix

Happy New Year! I know the strip numbering is off, I'll fix it later.

December 29 2017

Melon And The Question Of The Soul

And that does it for Patreon Bonus Strip week! These are always a ton of fun for me to draw and I'm happy I can share them with y'all. If you'd like to see them the moment they get posted, you can subscribe to my Patreon here!

Regular strips resume Monday.

December 28 2017

Melon Has A Bad Sense Of Taste

I love Melon so much

December 26 2017

Pizza Nobility

Pizza Girl, still doin her pizza thing

December 25 2017

QC En Francais

This week I'm sharing some of the bonus comics I've done for my Patreon supporters this year! Also, this one needs a translation probably:


Panel 2

Guy: Uh, do you speak english?

Francelore: Ah- yes? Yes! Yes! How can I help you?

Panel 3

Guy: Can I get a, uh, venti latte?

Francelore: Ah, yes! One moment, please!

Panel 4

Francelore: What is "venti?"

Doralsace-Lorrraine: "Twenty" in Italian. *vapes*

Panel 5

Francelore: Ummm...that's twenty espressos...your total is 25 euros.

Guy: Twenty five bucks?! Forget that, I'm goin' to McDonalds or something!

Panel 6

Francelore: I don't understand Americans.

Doralsace-Lorraine: Americans don't understand coffee. *continues to vape*

December 22 2017

It Will Come Out In The Wash

And that's it for QC in 2017! Next week I'm running some of the bonus strips I've done for my Patreon supporters this year. Regular QC will be back on January 1.

December 21 2017



December 20 2017

December 19 2017




December 18 2017

December 15 2017

December 14 2017

The Long Goodbye


December 13 2017

Two Peas In A Pod

We knew this would happen

December 12 2017

December 11 2017

Just Your Average Day
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