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February 08 2018

Drifting Thoughts

It's probably nothing

February 07 2018

Basic Decency

I am torturing Bubbles

February 06 2018

Feels Like We've Been Hair Before

February 02 2018

Questionable Contentment

February 01 2018

Fwee Speech

January 31 2018

Letting It All Come Out

January 30 2018

So It's Come To This

January 29 2018

Obligatory Warning

January 26 2018

Almost Let It Out

I admire her restraint

January 25 2018



January 24 2018

We All Have Blind Spots

Faye is oblivious

January 23 2018

The Robot Birds And The Virtual Bees

January 22 2018

You're Half Right

Bubbles would die of embarrassment

January 19 2018

You've Got To Be Kind

January 18 2018

Standard Deviation

January 17 2018

Catch And Release

January 16 2018

Der Arschersetzer

January 12 2018

She's Got Guns

January 11 2018

Amanda Is Very Classy

do u want 2 maek lvoe 2niet

January 10 2018

Welcome To The Own Zone
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